atsuko (akko) nishimura memorial garden

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outside of the atlanta ewf office, you can see the beautiful 'atsuko nishimura memorial garden'.

atsuko nishimura, a. k. a. akko acted as the esl instructor and counselor to students starting in 1975. she later became the managing director of ewf.

akko was born in atlanta as a japanese-american. she was an artist, a martial artist, a campaigner to improve human rights, especially asian women. she was recognized as a 'bridge between east and west'. on february 17, 2000, she was suddenly killed. all of her family, friends, and comrades felt her death as a disappointment, and they began to think about what they could do to memorialize akko.

this is the garden made by the people who love akko forever. not only in atlanta, but also in new york city, and tokyo, japan, there are beautiful gardens in her honor with the same name.

it is our duty to convey her thoughts as she wanted to make a community full of love. ewf respects her will and devote ourselves to making a new bridge between east and west.

garden entrance  garden at night

ariel view of garden  garden in the day
memorial plaque

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