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the atlanta, georgia, office of the east-west foundation is located on the famous peachtree road.  it is around the corner from lenox square, an exclusive shopping district, and is within walking distance of the brookhaven (ne8) marta (commuting train) station.

most ewf employees are bilingual or have had cross-cultural experiences.  this allows the office to serve as a liaison between students (and parents) in japan and american colleges, between international students in the united states and american colleges, and between western students seeking international opportunities and japanese colleges offering those opportunities.  atlanta personnel screen applicants from japan prior to submitting their application papers to american colleges.  the atlanta office provides a "home base" for international students during their stay in the united states and a "clearing house" for whatever specialized information the students need.

once students are placed at colleges, the ewf follows up as an international educational consultant; at the request of colleges, ewf can give personal guidance to the students.


the tokyo ewf office works year round recruiting and screening students to study in the united states, preparing students for their studies overseas, communicating with parents, answering the concerns of students in the united states, and listening to student success stories after the students return to japan with their diplomas.

nearly two decades ago, the need to bridge cultural differences between japan and the united states through higher education became evident.  many talented japanese students were unable to attend japanese colleges due to the limited number of students allowed to enroll each year.  the japanese students needed direction and assistance to discover educational alternatives overseas.  the students had to be introduced to schools matching their english abilities, major interests and financial means.  also, the students and parents wanted a safety net ensuring that the students were not taken to a foreign country and abandoned.

the east-west foundation was founded in 1974.  people were carefully selected and trained; and an office opened in tokyo to counsel students considering an education at an overseas institution.

to ensure positive educational experiences, the foundation selected and invited a few small christian colleges in the united states to become affiliated with the east-west foundation. parents and students depend on the tokyo counselors for current and factual information concerning american colleges.

the tokyo counselors learn all they can about the individual schools and the people at the schools.  this detailed information allows the counselors to carefully match each prospective student with a school in the united states where the student is qualified to attend and has the ability to successfully complete graduation requirements.

in 2003, the tokyo east-west foundation office was granted the status of a non-profit organization in japan by the government of tokyo and has been creating new activities for american students who are interested in japan.  akko nishimura memorial sholarsip, internships at japanese public schools, japanese as a second language (jsl) program, home-stay program and much more.

the mission of the east-west foundation is to build a bridge between "east and west."  the tokyo office welcomes those who want to be "a human bridge from west."

map of the tokyo office

east west foundation tokyo map

office in japan
6-9-1 higashikoiwa, edogawa
tokyo, japan 133-0052
phone: 011-03-3657-5204

office in the us
one brookhaven dr ne #201
atlanta, ga usa 30319-3057
phone: 1-404-237-3936

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