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international study

the east-west foundation activities focus on assisting students from asia in obtaining a degree in higher education in the united states.  other international opportunities are available also non-japanese students wanting to study in japan may receive assistance in selecting and applying to a college or university to attend.

also, many of the east-west foundation member institutions have international study programs.  the study programs are based in asia, europe, and north america.  the foundation can assist interested students in locating and applying to these programs.

junior year in japan

recently american students have shown an interest in japan and the japanese language.  students serious about international studies in japan may contact the east-west foundation office for assistance in selecting a college and completing the application process.

we widely recruit university students who want to come to japan, by using the system of 'junior year abroad,' as is done in the american university system.  we welcome students who study education or japanese culture.

students can become an internship teacher in a public elementary school in edogawa-city, tokyo, japan.   for half a year, participants can live tokyo, experience japanese tradition, meet local people, and learn the japanese language and culture.  this program includes room and broad.  during the term, students will study under dr. ken nishimura's manager guide.  ken nishimura is the president of the east-west foundation and oglethorpe university honorary professor in (philosophy).

akko nishimura memorial scholarship

akko nishimura, mfa was the u.s. managing director from 1994 to 2000.  she also was an artist and an activist to empower asian women.  alas in 2000, she was suddenly killed in a traffic accident.  all those who knew her recall that "she was the real bridge between east and west."  ewf established a scholarship in her name to memoralize her life forever, while helping young people become an "east-west bridge."

in an effort to encourage excellent students to participate in the program, the east-west foundation has established a permanent endowment which provides the basis for the scholarship.  the scholarships are available for japanese students preparing to study at an east-west foundation member institution and for non-native japanese students preparing to study at a japanese college or university approved by the east-west foundation.

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