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english as a second language

the east-west foundation (ewf) conducts an intensive english language program.  this residential program consists of five-week sessions.  each week comprises a minimum 26 hours of classroom instruction.  topics include grammar, reading, composition, american culture, and college life.  special seminars are offered on other subjects from time to time.

classes are small to allow students more opportunities to speak english and teachers more time to work with individual students.  since the program is residential, many teachers live in the dormitories and eat in the cafeteria with the students, resulting in informal english conversations.  friendship families living in the community often invite students into their homes for meals and additional conversation.

all participants in the intensive language program are required to be high school graduates (unless special approval is granted by the foundation director) and to have studied english as a second language for a minimum of six years.

the foundation office in tokyo assists applicants in japan with the admissions process.  applicants from countries other than japan may contact either the tokyo or the atlanta ewf office.

college placement

students who have successfully completed the east-west foundation english language program have the option to receive foundation assistance with the college application process.  all students are placed in member institutions.

the east-west foundation and its 80-plus member institutions have established applicant requirements.  individuals interested in applying to one of the institutions through ewf are initially screened and then counseled concerning english skills, desired areas of study and potential colleges.  professional counselors in the tokyo office work closely with each student from the initial recruiting stage to the student's arrival in the united states.  the atlanta office assists students with entry into college life.

each applicant for admission must have the guarantee of total support from his or her family.  after an applicant has earned the approval of the foundation, appropriate documents are forwarded to the school of the student's and parents' choice.  all follow-up work is processed through the atlanta office, thus decreasing the possibility of confusion regarding immigration regulations or financial obligations prior to the students arrival on campus.



the foundation maintains an active working relationship with each of its member institutions.  the foundation makes its resources for planning and implementing international student programs available to all member institutions.

communication between the foundation and the international students continues throughout the years the students are in the united states.  a bilingual director of student services is in the atlanta office year round to assist students and member institution with any language or culture misunderstanding, as well as counseling situations.

at the same time, parents are informed about their children's academic progress and adjustment to american life following each quarter/semester or as other needs arise.  the ewf students and parents sign affidavits which permit colleges to send the atlanta ewf office copies of the students' personal records so the foundation may translate the documents and immediately send them on to the parents.  in this matter, ewf provides a meaningful point of contact among the colleges, the parents, and the students.

workshops in effective planning for foreign students

although there is an obvious need for the orientation of students from other cultures who are coming to the united states, there is an equally important, although not often recognized, need for orientation of the college personnel who will be planning for and working with these students.

in an effort to fulfill this need, the east-west foundation makes available a workshop in effective planning for foreign students.  panel moderators include a specialist in teaching english as a second language, an expert on the admission and placement of students from other countries in american colleges, a counselor with expertise in listening to and advising international students, and a specialist in adapting modern instructional technology to the field of language instruction.

ewf will conduct a workshop for any group interested in working with international students.

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